What is Currency Market ? The Major Currency Pairs



What is Currency Market ?

The international currency market is a market where participants from around the world buy and sell various monetary standards. Participants incorporate banks, partnerships, national banks, speculation the board firms, mutual funds, retail Forex specialists, and financial backers. The international currency market is significant on the grounds that it assists with working with global exchanges, including advances, ventures, corporate acquisitions, and global exchange.


 The Major Currency Pairs

Below are the major currency pairs that are most widely exchanged for each other.  

EUR/USD: the euro of the Eurozone versus the U.S. dollar 

USD/JPY: the U.S. dollar versus the Japanese yen 

GBP/USD: the Great British pound versus the U.S. dollar

USD/CHF: the U.S. dollar versus the Swiss franc of Switzerland

USD/CAD: the U.S. dollar versus the Canadian dollar

AUD/USD: the Australian dollar versus the U.S. dollar



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