Habits of Successful Investors-Most Successful Investors of all Time

Habits of Successful Investors

Save as much as you can

Savings are the baby step for making an investment, save as much as you can make you a habit of savings, and helps you to invest on a regular basis, and systematically.

Diversify your investment

Diversify your risk, diversify your investment, decrease the number of failures in investment. You can diversify your investment as per your age or as per asset class

Having a plan

Make a plan before investment, think about your goal, think about your expectation, think about your risk capacity, and make a plan before investing.


Staying in the market

Quitting from the market when you face failure is not a solution. Staying in the market is the most important thing if you want to be a successful investor.

Review your portfolio every month 

Do investment and forget is a bad idea because keeps on a review your portfolio on a monthly basis is very important in the long run. Analysis of your invested stocks on a monthly basis helps you to stay on the right path.

How to be a Successful Investor

Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes make you experience person and when you learn from your mistakes it helps you to keep you successful.

Having realistic expectations

High risk is equal to high returns but keeping in view realistic expectations gives you practical thinking about investment. No investment gives you unrealistic returns because an investment is different from gambling.

Having patience 

Selling in high losses and booking small profit or on the other hand, selling your investment when the sentiments are fearful is a bad idea because patience is the primary key to success.

Investing a habit

Investment regularly will become habit one day. And habit makes you successful on the day.

Stay invested as long as possible

Investment is a long-term instrument to achieve your goals, so that's why the biggest investor always says that stay invested as long as possible.

Most Successful Investors of all Time

  1. Warren Buffet
  2. Benjamin Graham
  3. Peter Lynch
  4. George Soros
  5. Carl Icahn 
Most Successful Investors of India
  1. Radakishan Damani
  2. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  3. Raamdeo Agrawal
  4. Porinju Veliyath
  5. Dolly Khanna


Good habits make you a good investor, keeping in view the above habits and points you should follow the habits of successful investors. Lots of investors did mistakes but After all they learn from their mistakes and become successful.


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