Biggest Mistakes of new Investors

Biggest Mistakes
  1. Buying high and selling low
  2. Short Term Focus
  3. Getting greedy
  4. Blindly following a strategy
  5. Love with a company
  6. Poor money management
  7. Poor risk management
  8. Taking risk higher than your capacity
  9. Watching too much news
  10. Taking paid investment calls

Issues and Challenges Related to Investment

  1. Limited capital
  2. Over diversification
  3. Where should I invest?
  4. Lack of knowledge of terms
  5. Lack of patience

Mistakes that Every New Investor Needs to Avoid

  1. Being greedy
  2. Investment too much is one asset
  3. Not monitoring investment portfolio at a regular basis
  4. Avoid over investment
  5. Short term view on the market

Types of Investment New Investors Should Avoid

  1. Mutual funds with a high expense ratio
  2. Derivatives
  3. Private equity
  4. Foreign bonds
  5. Penny stocks


Most people do mistakes but you can avoid mistakes with experience. Keeping in view the above mistakes list you can avoid these by practicing and learning from the market. Most of the common mistakes are risk management, greedy, lack of knowledge, and lack of patience. Success comes from experience and experience comes from mistakes.


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