What is the Stock Market?

What is the Stock Market?
The stock market, equity market, or share market is the platform of buyers and sellers of stocks (shares). The holding of shares represents ownership of a business. Investment in the stock market is done via stock brokerages and electronic trading platforms. Stocks are categorized by the country where the company is listed. For example, Reliance Industries Limited is listed on NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), so it may be considered as part of the Indian Stock market, on the other hand, the stock may also be traded on exchanges in other countries, for example, as on U.S Stock Markets.

How to Invest in Share Market?

Step 1. Have A Pan Card

Step 2. Have a Bank Account

Step 3. Open a Demat and a Trading Account

Step 4. Buying Selling Shares

Types of Stock Market

  1. Primary Market : In which primary market, new stocks, and bond issues for the first time.
  2. Secondary Market : In the secondary market the issued stocks and bonds trade between one person to another.


The stock market or share market is the platform of direct investment in a business. The process of investment is very easy as per the above steps, you simply need a pan card and a bank account to open a Demat and a trading account to start investing and trading. You can transact in both the primary and secondary markets.



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